Proper Healthcare Cleaning is the First Step to Keeping Patients Healthy

Every year in the U.S., over two million people are affected by infections that they contracted during a visit to a healthcare facility. This results in billions of dollars in lost time at work and lost income for their employers. But it’s been documented that almost one half of those cases could have been prevented if proper procedures were in place to control infection.

That’s when a healthcare cleaning company can help medical facilities and work with them to prevent the spread of infection.

Proper Healthcare Cleaning Can Make a Difference

The right healthcare cleaning company will have an EVS (environmental services) program that will use the most advanced, cleaning methods and equipment available to help facilities in the healthcare sector. Such a program will:

  • Ensure the safety and health of healthcare patients and staff
  • Improve patient/customer service and staff satisfaction in their jobs
  • Be compliant with all federal, state and local regulatory safety requirements
  • Control costs while ensuring quality

Proper Healthcare Cleaning Keeps Patients and Medical Staff Safe

Any facility that sees sick patients can be a breeding ground for the transmission of disease. Medical facilities such as doctor’s offices, medical labs and treatment centers all continue to show increases in the spread of infection due to improper cleaning practices.

That’s why healthcare cleaning companies are using the latest methods and disinfection tools, which are providing a new level of effectiveness due to the use of the advanced cleaning technology, including:

  • Strict methodology to prevent cross-contamination
  • Microfiber technology in cleaning cloths and mops to improve soil containment and removal
  • “Flat-mopping” methods to improve efficiency, decrease left-behind soil and eliminate cross-contamination
  • The use of “hospital grade” disinfectants
  • New systems for the removal and containment of soil that provide results that even exceed those standards required for surfaces that come into contact with food.

A medical cleaning company won’t assume that because there’s no disease outbreak, there’s nothing invisible just waiting to attack. They will likely provide medical facilities with proven, comprehensive safety plans that contribute to any infection-control program. They will be able to place a solid emphasis on priority areas, which will provide a clean and safe environment for patients and staff.