The commercial cleaning industry primary consists of two types of cleaning services – large national companies and small “mom and pop” style operations.

Large companies typically offer the latest cleaning equipment. This can get the job done quickly and efficiently, however, it may be too excessive for small businesses. Instead, small cleaning shops can give you direct one-on-one attention to tend to your needs.

It’s important to assess your cleaning needs before you choose to work with either type of company. Questions to consider include:

    selecting a cleaning company

  • What type of cleaning do you need done?
  • How often do you need the services?
  • Will you need special services?
  • What is your budget for commercial cleaning services?
  • When do you need a cleaning company to start?
  • Are there valuables that you could take home or lock up at night for additional protection?

In addition, it’s important to meet with multiple cleaning companies to find one who offers the best solution for your business.

By submitting a free request for quote through Cleaning Service Comparison, you can get matched to 4 to 6 different cleaning companies. Each company should do a walkthrough of your offices to determine how much work is involved and what your costs will be. You can then compare prices and services offerings before making a decision.

Here are some helpful tips to follow when selecting the best commercial cleaner for your business:

  • Investigate insurance and bond certification – You want to know with 100% certainty that you’re protected from theft or damage. Also, cleaning companies should offer proof that they placed money in an escrow account in case they don’t deliver on the services promised.
  • Learn what their hiring practices are – Since you’re handing the keys to your office over to potential strangers, you should know what kind of background checks they conduct and how they handle the interview process.
  • Clean records – Check with national cleaning organizations ( or the Better Business Bureau to make sure the companies are in good standing.
  • Customer service – What level of service and support does each company offer? Are they only available during peak business hours? Can you page them during an emergency? It’s important to find a company that has multiple ways to contact them and that operate beyond 9 to 5.
  • Review contracts carefully – Ensure that all of the details of the deal are in writing – from the services provided to the frequency of service to the costs.
  • Get references – Make sure you contact 3 to 4 businesses that have worked with the cleaning company in the past. Ask them several questions about the company’s quality of work and service so you can gauge if you’ll be comfortable working with them.

While cost is always a big factor in a purchasing decision, it shouldn’t be your only consideration. The right cleaning company will be a partner of your business so it’s important to feel comfortable with the services they provide and build a strong working relationship from the start.