Residential Cleaning Overview

Home and apartment cleaning companies deliver multiple services. The most common daily duties include:

  • Trash disposal
  • Floor vacuuming and mopping
  • Debris sweeping
  • Interior window washing
  • Desktop dusting
  • Bathroom maintenance (e.g. scrubbing the sinks and stalls, replenishing consumables)

Cleaning Companies Special services

Along with basic day-to-day cleaning, services can offer more elaborate jobs. These special services run the gamut from the labor intensive like stripping and waxing tile floors to those that extend the life of expensive furniture.

The time it takes to perform special services varies from several hours to multiple days, based on the size and complexity of the job. They include:

  • Tile grouting
  • Exterior window washing
  • Ceilings and light fixtures cleaning
  • Building structure pressure washing
  • HVAC equipment maintenance
  • Dry foam carpet extracting
  • Parking lot cleaning
  • “Q-Tip cleaning” (extremely detailed cleaning services)

Costs of residential cleaning

Most home and apartment cleaners provide a fixed rate based on the number of rooms, square footage of your residence, and the type of cleaning you require. They may also charge an hourly rate. If you agree to a contract for a certain frequency of cleaning services, you may qualify for a discounted rate.

Expect additional services, extra workers, or pricey cleaning supplies and equipment to increase the cost.